After having taken classes at many yoga studios, I can still say that yoga with Pam is my favorite. At this studio the atmosphere is non-competitive, but you can definitely expect to get a good work out! Pam is personable, perky, and thanks to her patience and skill I learn something new every time I come to class. It’s impossible to leave without a smile on your face and a spring in your step.
I was taking yoga at Back Bay Yoga in Boston for the past few years, and it was really an amazing place. They had all different types of classes and teachers focusing on different subjects from more free-flowing, interpretational yoga to the most specific alignment yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed it but never encountered a teacher quite like you with such a radiantly positive attitude and humble sense of humor, not to mention the challenging pilates infused workout.

– Brooke Webster

Chip and I really enjoyed Guinevere’s restorative yoga on Sundays during the winter. Hope to go back to this next winter!

– Chip and Tina Maxfield

Yoga4Life provides a welcoming, supportive and positive environment!

– Laura June Raymond

“I love the warmth of the instructors and the studio…and I enjoy getting the workout I want from the yoga/pilates class.”

– Carol Smith

The good things they say and I’ve heard and read about yoga are all true. At 65, the lack of motion and related problems are one of the single most important quality- of- life issues for me. After joining Yoga4Life a couple of years ago and learning and being invested in the practices, I’ve never looked back. And speaking of backs mine has never been better. Pam’s classes are fun and flexibility is a goal I hope to always work on.

– Jimmy Sheff

Pam, Amy, Brie, and Guinevere, and Kelly,
Thank you for bringing yoga back into my life. I moved to Wolfeboro in the fall of 2013 with the determination to make yoga a daily practice. With the guidance, teaching, and support of all of you, that goal became a reality. Never any judgment. Always support along with excellent teaching of poses. Yoga is so personal. I was never made to feel I had to do anything other than exactly what I could do. As I have said at the end of almost every class. Yea for Yoga!
Kelly’s style of teaching meditation makes it accessible to everyone. At every class I learn something about myself and I leave each class feeling empowered and strong from my core to my aura. Thank you for bringing this important opportunity to our local studio.
Last but not least, the studio itself is beautiful. There’s always plenty of room, great props, and a humidifer in the winter! I love yoga. Thank you!!

– Brenda Cartwright

The benefits I have received from yoga are unbelievable, I am mentally and physically stronger, my body has become toned and I have much more flexibility now.

– Donna Hamill

…no matter what current shape I am in, my muscles remember it. A straight back and a deep breath can always clear my mind, and I have Pam to thank for that! Thank you Pam! 🙂

– Jen Dumont

I have been taking classes with Pam for the last 2 years. I find her to be a very knowledgeable teacher and her classes are both fun and challenging.

– Patricia Nass

She provides different variations of every pose to make sure everyone can participate. She is light hearted and encouraging and I am always looking forward to the next class!

 – Brooke Webster