Heidi Guiliano

At the young age of 17, Heidi was drawn into the field of fitness and became a nationally certified fitness instructor.  For decades it has been her passion to teach tap, jazz and hip hop dance classes to adults and children.   She has had the honor of teaching people to dance for many years and acknowledges the benefits of dancing or playing to music. 

No matter what your body shape, size or your fitness level is, Heidi will teach you to move your body in a way that will make you smile and believe in yourself.  It is her experience that everyone has the ability to be free and move to music. 

During college Heidi studied Exercise Physiology and graduated with a degree in Biology.  In addition, she has trained with the National Institute of Whole Health, studying Whole Health Education. She enjoys being a Reiki practitioner and is licensed to teach Zumba classes to adults and children.

Heidi’s class will provide an interval-style dance workout by combining all elements of fitness—cardio, muscle conditioning, balance/ flexibility……and a healthy dose of fun.