Martin Beylin

Martin has always been a go go go type of person. From an early age, Martin pursued his dream of being a professional pilot. In 2000 Martin became a commercial pilot and was set on flying around the world. It didn’t surprise many when in 2001 Martin decided to get a motorcycle. Riding motorcycles was a passion for Martin until December 16, 2001 when Martin was involved in a motorcycle accident. Being airlifted out of the canyons of Malibu California and flown to UCLA trauma center Martin had a wake up call that it was time to crunch down and get serious with life and pursue his passion of flying. Having 17 broken bones from the accident, Martin was stuck at home and unable to fly for nearly 3 months. Martin eventually healed from the injuries but the aches and pains really never went away. Martin was looking for a way to work with his injuries and In 2009 Martin was introduced to yoga and has been practicing ever since. In 2014, Martin decided to deepen his practice and completed a 200 hour CYT training program. Martin was trained in Astanga and Iyengar philosophy and it shows with his strong classes that focus on strength and alignment. Martins passion in yoga is the clarity of the mind, the physicality of the body and the freedom of the spirit. Martin is a professional pilot currently flying Medevac / certified flight instructor and his passion for aviation shines thru. Martin’s hobbies include hiking, camping, gardening, astrophotography and playing the didgeridoo.

Favorite Quote
Yoga is the journey of the self, thru the self, to the self.

Bhagavad Gita Krishna