Kelly Libby

Kelly owns and operates Restoring Chi, in Wolfeboro. She is a Life Enhancement Specialist, Certified Bio-Resonance Practitioner, and author. Her unique work combines Bio-Resonance Principles and a variety of life enhancement techniques to restore the free flow of life energy (aka qi, chi, prana) in the mind, body, spirit energy fields. A major component of her work involves using meditation and the power of presence to quiet the mind in order to clear blocks that inhibit the expression of one’s full potential of health and happiness. When the mind is stilled, the bodies inherent healing abilities can then be activated. Her 8 year path of spiritual, energetic, and anatomical studies have allowed her to harvest a profound understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection. She uses this to guide others on their own inner journeys of profound reconnection, release, and peace, where the body’s natural healing processes can be activated.

Her education and training cover restoration on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This includes body systems analysis, herbal application, Thai-Shiatsu body work, advanced bio-resonance, meditation, prayer, and subconscious clearing, As well, she is a Deeksha Blessing Giver and author of the soon to be released book, “From Desperation to Liberation, A Path to Freedom”. Her professional and personal studies focus on exploring the advancement of human potential, freedom, health and joy through science, nature and spirituality.

Healing Meditation- A peaceful, profound rejuvenation of the spirit. Quieting the mind into deep relaxation, allowing the inherent wisdom of the body to heal itself. 

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