Terms and Conditions

We know that your privacy is important and understand that the protection of privacy is a major concern to our students. Yoga4life has worked to gain your trust through our service and devotion to yoga and the community, and we want to maintain your trust. To build on our relationship, we want you to understand a little bit about how our website interacts with visitors and how we will use any information gathered when you visit our website.

Types of Information Gathered
Yoga4life may gather the following types of information: (1) information given voluntarily while using a feature of this website, for example, during a registration process; (2) information gathered as a result of voluntary participation in a survey or poll, the initial New Student Registration at Yoga4life, or through communicating with our webmaster or staff; and (3) information gathered automatically when visitors visit our website, this type data is in an aggregate form and does not identify you personally.

Yoga4life Use of Information
Yoga4life may use information gathered through its website for the following general purposes: (1) to send new student information upon initial registration, which may include info about starting your yoga practice, info directly from your teacher, senior teachers, or the owners of Yoga4life; (2) to send event updates; (3) to send our e-newsletters, including “What’s Happening at Yoga4life” and others that are relevant to the classes you attend; (4) to send occasional special promotions; and (5) to contact and provide service to you as well as improve the overall delivery of Yoga4life’s services. You are always welcome to unsubscribe from any or all of our email communications by using the unsubscribe feature located at the bottom of all of our email communications.

Updating Your Personal Information
We have found that email is the preferred method of keeping our students informed, both for our students and for us. Email is time efficient, cost effective, and gentler on the environment than print. To update your email address and/or personal information call any of our locations and/or let the front desk staff know whenever you come in for a class. Otherwise, send an email with your updated information.

Information Sharing
Yoga4life will not sell or otherwise share personally identifying information with other people or non-affiliated companies except when required by a court of law. We treat your personal information with the highest standards of safety, security and confidentiality.

Questions and Comments
Yoga4life is always interested in what our customers have to say. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.