The Studio

Overview of Studio- June 1st= Open

Yoga4Life reopening our Studio June 1st (not our gym)

Everything has changed, the new rules are extremely important and must be followed to comply with CDC guidelines:
* There is NOT a front desk person to greet you as you enter the gym, each instructor is taking care of attendance. 
* You will need to sign up and pay for classes online through MindBody. (I will attach the link below).  Space is limited.
* You will need to bring your own yoga mat, props, sanitizer, water and anything else that you personally use for your practice. 
* Nothing is to be left at reception, please take off your shoes and carry belongings into the studio with you.  NO CELLULAR PHONES PLEASE. 
*Everyone is to EXIT out of the Studio’s front door.
*It is your choice to wear a mask into the reception area, however it is not mandated, you cannot wear a mask during your practice as it isn’t safe.  The studio has been set up and marked where your mat can be placed providing you with social distancing.
* Instructors will not come around and provide adjustment
* Reception area will provide more benches and seating for your safety upon entry; again, wearing a mask at reception is OK. 
Thank you for standing by Yoga4Life as we have had to adjust to these uncertain times, without your loyalty we would have likely not have made it through. Given all of the economic impacts, I’m hoping that everyone will not want/need extensions or reimbursements, since most of my costs remained fairly fixed.  BUT, if someone needs an adjustment, please reach out and I will do what I can.  Due to our situation with the gym being closed,  we cannot honor memberships at this time.  Pricing is simply $12.00 per class, 10 classes for $85.00, 20 classes – $149.00.  Senior pricing is available for those 65+.
Our lovely instructors will make sure that everything is sanitized prior to your class, including door knobs, floors and bathroom. 

PLEASE: NO STREET SHOES in Yoga Studio or Gym