Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and when practiced regularly is proven to increase strength, balance and focus. Various asana movements when practiced in sync with controlled pranayama breathing help to prevent injury as well as prevent many different types of diseases, such as heart disease, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. While doing inversions the blood flows the opposite way it normally would, therefore pumping fresh blood through the entire body while working the muscles at the same time, Yoga works the body from the inside out. After a class you can be sure you will be centered, strong, focused, stretched and feel as though you “fit” into your skin better. Yoga is for everyone, and at Yoga 4 Life Wellness you will be able to find a class that is right for you!

Styles of Yoga offered at Yoga 4 Life:

  • Vinyasa Flow- (All Levels)
  • Yoga Basics- (Beg/Int), gentle, for all ages
  • Power Yoga-Pilates (Beg & All levels):
  • Therapeutic- Beginner, Great for those with MS, Parkinson’s, Seniors, or limitations
  • Restorative- Beginner
  • Rasamaya- (All Levels)
  • Core Flow- (All Levels)
  • Warm yoga with deep stretching & strengthening, to prevent injury.

Power Yoga-Pilates

Power Yoga is an ancient original Yoga practice from thousands of years ago.  This style is challenging, intense and very beneficial to all ages and levels.  There are modifications for everything, however the more athletic people tend to practice this regularly to help prevent injury and keep themselves in the best physical shape possible.  There are many styles incorporated into this Power Yoga which are; Ashtanga, Fit, Sport and Hatha.  Thousands of different poses are taught in a sequence that makes sense for the body to become very strong and focused.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a deep, physical practice. We move through asanas led by the breath and experience the strength and grace that is in each of our bodies. This practice, while it can be physically challenging, focuses on meeting our bodies exactly where they are when we are practicing – and doing so without judgement. We experiment with finding our edge, practicing with compassion and doing this with laughter, joy and acceptance!

Magical Flow

A spiritual (but not religious) yoga class with Brittany that includes tips and tricks for discovering the magnitude of human potential on and off the mat, Magical Flow takes yogis through powerful meditations, sometimes-challenging flows and postures, and Aha! moments tailored to their own life experience. Expect music that moves the soul, sage and incense to cleanse the aura, and oracle cards to bring it deeper. This is the flow class some are calling “spectacular,” “moving,” and “life changing.” 


RASAMAYA® YOGA is the balance between dynamic flow and stillness. Class opens with an intention setting, breathwork and somatic movement before moving into creatively adapted sun salutes that will strengthen your body and increase your flexibility. This well rounded practice is finished with nourishing yin postures before settling into relaxation. All levels are welcomed.

Core Flow

The body’s core is an essential part to awaken, strengthen and lengthen for the health of our spine and our entire body. This class will help you develop core strength, flexibility, upper-body strength, and help with overall stamina and stability. This class is also good for any age and fitness level as modifications are always given.

Yoga Basics

A gentle yoga class that gradually stretches, strengthens, and conditions the body. Students work to improve range of motion, flexibility, an overall sense of well-being, and the ability to relax. Breathing exercises are introduced (not pranayama) and class ends with a period of relaxation/meditation.

This class is based on the Pathways Yoga Systems “deconstructed” method of yoga. Traditional asanas (yoga poses) can be completely broken down to strengthen and stretch the body in preparation for the final asanas if desirable. This system helps students get the most out of any other yoga classes they may take.


Restorative Yoga uses the natural weight of the body to reset, renew and restore the body. Through the use of props the body is supported and given the opportunity to surrender and quiet. This practice is rejuvenative as well as restful. You will leave the practice having experienced a reunion with your body, ready to greet the day with strength, grace and relaxation.

Heated 78″ Yoga

A wonderfully flowing class with the same integration of breath and movement as Hot Flow, in a warm room instead of hot. Explore a variety of postures through breath and movement, building strength, gaining flexibility and developing stillness within.


This class combines simple breathing exercises, gentle stretches for the whole body, and a short relaxation/meditation period at the end.

Students learn the basics of body awareness which are essential for continuous mental and physical well-being. The combination of slow repetitive movements and conscious breathing will become natural to the students over time.

The hour long class can be done entirely in a chair or wheelchair. If able, students can use the chair to help them when doing basic standing exercises and poses. Chair yoga is an ideal class for people with limited mobility, for those uncomfortable on the floor, and/or for those who may need assistance when working on standing balancing poses. A student’s physical limitations are respected in every class.