Brittany Cole

Brittany’s yoga journey began in 2018 after many years of struggling with her mental health and unhealthy addictions.

Her best friend’s death earlier that year left her depressed and only exacerbated her addictions.  It was then that she turned to yoga and meditation to help move the negative energy through in a healthier way.   

Never setting foot in a studio Brittany practiced yoga at home with the help of YouTube videos. After noticing a subtle shift in her emotional state upon embarking on a journey toward sobriety, she decided she wanted to become a yoga teacher. 

She began her 200hr TT on Cape Cod at Kind Yoga School. After graduating in Feb of 2020, left with more questions than answers she started her 500hr training. 

Brittany currently has 350hrs of training certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Breath-Work, and Meditation. She is also a Reiki Master practitioner. 

Yoga was her catalyst to living a much more sustainable lifestyle free from mind-altering medications and alcohol since October of 2018. She is determined to help others find the peace that exists within themselves. 

Dedicated to her practice while remaining a lifelong student, she loves to share her passion for yoga & the healing journey. 

In her classes, you’ll experience a gentle yet challenging meditative practice filled with mindfulness, mudras, self-love, pranayama & so much more! She encourages you to show up exactly where you are and as you are!