Garry Simons

Garry Simons is a gifted vibrational tone practitioner and Shamanic Reiki Master who uses the frequencies and vibrations of crystal singing bowls to help his clients achieve a variety of enhanced experiences. Over the past six years Garry has been helping individuals in private sessions and small group settings achieve their physical, mental, and spiritual goals. You won’t hear him make too many claims of what is possible through the magic of a crystal singing bowl session, instead he lets the bowls speak for him. Each session is unique from all the others and is channeled specifically for the individual or individuals receiving. What Garry says is, “It’s not me, I’m just the hollow bone or conduit.” If you were to Google the benefits of using crystal singing bowls you would see all sorts of claims from reducing stress to stimulating your immune system. One thing he will promise is; you will be relaxed as long as you allow yourself.

Garry Simons - Yoga4Life Instructor - Wolfeboro NH