Joy Inkpen

Joy found yoga over 11 years ago after leaving her corporate job in 2013. Since retirement she has lived and practiced in Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire and while traveling practiced in Hawaii, California, Utah, Massachusetts, Virginia, Europe and Asia. This diversity has given her the opportunity to experience many different styles and disciplines.

A Wolfeboro resident since 2018, she takes the opportunity to travel to Florida for a few of the winter months where she practices at Nava Yoga in St. Petersburg FL. She received her 200 (RYT) in Sampoorna Yoga in 2023, under Yogi Hari, and has been teaching ever since. She feels yoga helps create a healthy mind and body and is so much more than just the time spent on the mat. Yoga is something you can take with you through out your day and can help you in all your other pursuits.