Lindsey Kipp

Following a path of inner discovery, Lindsey took her first yoga class in 1991. Fascinated by the effects on her body and mind, she began taking yoga classes as often as she could, leading to a 250 hour Bija Ananda teaching certification with Tom Sherman in Concord, NH. Encouraged by Tom to follow the healing path, she completed an 85 hour teaching certification in Yoga of the Heart®, a yoga program designed for cardiac and cancer patients.

Intrigued by the remarkable healing possible using gentle yoga movements and breath, Lindsey further studied Viniyoga, learning adaptive yoga poses and sequencing for neck and spinal injuries, lower back pain, and hip and knee replacements.

Lindsey’s gentle therapeutic yoga style is relaxing and encouraging, always working with the body and practicing from the place of no pain. Her aim is to create a lightness of being for body, mind, heart and spirit.

Additionally, Lindsey studied mantra with Thomas Ashley-Farrand, is a former studio owner in the Newfound Lake area, and has been teaching yoga since 2004.