Kim Fish

Meet Kim!

For almost 2 decades Kim Fish has been the professional that individuals who feel wired and tired seek out for holistic support to ease tension, create a sense of calm, and feel more relaxed and peaceful in their day to day lives.

Kim draws from her depth of knowledge and experience as a licensed massage therapist and being a certified BodyMind Method© coach and infuses this energy into her yoga sessions to help people break free from their pain-spasm cycles so that they can sleep soundly at night, move better, breathe deeper, and feel grounded.

Kim has a confident reassuring presence that has been described by her students and clients as feeling like a warm hug. 

Kim closed her massage practice in 2019 before moving to Texas with her husband and their two daughters. It was in Texas that she started to focus on empowering others to be their own wellness advocate through her coaching business and offering fascial focused self-care sessions.

She became a certified yoga teacher in 2020 while in Texas, and has taught yin, restorative and hatha yoga styles.

Kim has recently relocated back to the Granite State with her family and looks forward to bringing therapeutic restorative yoga classes combined with hands on bodywork to her local community.

When she isn’t teaching a yoga class, workshop, or coaching clients, Kim is homeschooling her young daughters. She also invests in learning how to be a better advocate for her 90lb rescue pup who is quite reactive to people, dogs, plants and leaves blowing in the wind, and anything else that moves. She and her dog, River, are enrolled in a training program so that she can learn to become a more confident handler and help River feel safe and less stressed in this world!

Ironically, this is similar to what she does for the humans in her life. You could even say it’s her calling!

Kim absolutely loves being in service to others and leads by example!

She will tell you she has always been and will always be her first student!