Eric Chamberlain

T’ai Chi/Qigong Instructor

Eric offers T’ai Chi and qigong instruction for its benefits as a mind-body health practice, and to empower people to live more holistic and to live centered lives in an overly stressful modern world.  Eric has been teaching T’ai Chi since 1999.  He began his study of the internal martial arts in the 1980’s.  Over the past 18 years, he has been a student and practitioner of Yang Style short and long forms of T’ai Chi Chuan, T’ai Chi saber, T’ai Chi Sword, Shaolin staff, Push Hands, Qigong, and several forms of meditation.  Instructors who have helped Eric develop include Joe Duguay, Gerry Tilley, Bruce Kumer Franzis of Taoist Energy Arts in CA., and Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming of Yang’s Martial Arts Assoc. in Boston, MA.  Eric is a qigong instructor with the National Qigong Assocation,

Eric also has life experience as a Science Educator, Professional Counselor and certified Coach.  He also is a Registered Maine guide, and Construction and Property Maintenance Contractor.  A resident of Wolfeboro since 1974, Eric lives in the wild outskirts of town with his family.