Brittany Boles

Brittany Boles is our resident “Magical Yogi,” creator and developer of the Magical Yoga Philosophy, which she uses to inspire the world through her nonprofit, book, teachings, and personal journey. Magical Yoga layers the chakras with all 8 limbs of yoga and the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs to deliver simple but profound practices for each energetic center or “chakra” in our body, mind, and spirit. Classes rotate through the “Chakra Rainbow,” starting with Red, or groundedness, and moving through “ROYGBIVS” of colors all the way to Sparkle, or Contribution. Each of her classes involves guided meditation, flowy movement of varying intensity, philosophical and poetic guidance, consensual physical assistance and adjustments, and “magical tools” such as sage, crystals, candles, cards, or reiki. Yogis will leave with a deeper understanding of their inner workings and physical expressions as well as a sense of inspiration and wonderment at their own innate power.