Rachel Craveiro

When beginning her yoga journey, Rachel had no idea she would be an instructor or how much sharing movement would mean to her. In 2016, Rachel fell in love with Buti Yoga, a high energy, power yoga class that seamlessly blends in plyometrics, tribal dance and deep core engagement; energetically activating your entire body and leaving you in a state of bliss. By 2017 Rachel was certified to teach Buti Yoga and began building a tribe of Butisattvas (Buti students) in Wolfeboro. In November 2018 Rachel completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training and began teaching Vinyasa (or flow) in December. Slowly finding her confidence in her own style. In May 2019, Rachel began teaching at Yoga4Life bringing her loud energetic self to the mat. In August 2019, Rachel took part in a workshop that focused on mindful movement based in the body’s fascia. Fascia is all collagenous, fibrous, connective tissues that are elements of a body- a wide spread tensional force transmitting network, connecting to every system in the body. Taking movement patterns learned in this workshop, Rachel started teaching Yoga4Fascia, a class built off the gate cycle, designed to create stronger connections in the body, and encouraging movement with greater ease.

Rachel is a kind, energetic, and very human instructor. She has a hard time keeping her left and right straight and sometimes loses her balance or coordination. Rachel’s honesty and realness as a person has a way of making people feel at ease, able to relax, let go of judgement and enjoy what they can do today, in this moment. Her classes are musically driven with a focus on fluid movements. Join her soon and experience her style for yourself. 

Rachel Craveiro - Yoga4Life Instructor - Wolfeboro NH
Rachel Craveiro – Yoga4Life Instructor
Fascia Flow with Rachel Craveiro at Yoga4Life in Wolfeboro NH
High Energy Flow with Rachel Craveiro at Yoga4Life in Wolfeboro NH